About Marino Sussich

Marino Sussich is a well-respected business executive, entrepreneur, consultant, strategist and innovator. Born in 1960 in Australia, Sussich is exceptionally multi-faceted, having worked in several key positions in various internationally recognised organisations.

He has held directorship in two globally-renowned companies, serving these businesses with his unique ideas for expansion and was highly regarded for his innovation and charisma. Over the years, he has emerged as an international figure in the world of business and is applauded for his inventive strategies.

Key Strategies as a Pragmatic Entrepreneur

Marino Sussich is a man in his own league. His viewpoint on business is original and far removed from old-fashioned strategies that involve years of tedious effort. Marino believes in a practical and pragmatic approach. He has taken the time to outline his core strategies, and turn them into many living success stories over the years where businesses have gone far beyond their initial expectations.

One of Marino’s core beliefs is team building, believing in using the skill of employees to their full potential. Sussich harnesses employees’ talents by getting to know them, and the unique attributes that they bring to the table.

A natural problem solver, Marino finds out-of-the-box solutions to everyday business problems, big and small. He deals with businesses on a personal level to come up with tailor-made strategies and customised advice.

A Variety of Different International Business Ventures

Over the years, Marino Sussich has become an expert in the gaming and gambling industries, in particular, and has maintained a close eye on the ever-fluctuating business scenarios around the world. He has provided consultancy services to various companies dealing in these two industries.

While serving in integral positions in multiple organisations, he went on to be the founder of many enterprises where, in most cases, he has been appointed as the CEO.

Some of Marino Sussich’s achievements include 2UP Gaming PLC and Australian Brewing Corporation Pty Ltd. He has also experimented with an online gambling company called Foxlotto.com, an online casino lottery with a Korean target market.

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