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Marino Sussich the Inventor

InventorIn the field of business, understanding the mechanisms of what makes a company successful is extremely important. On the other hand, however, you must also be familiar with the foundation of a business which, often, is a product or service. All other elements of a company will then be based on bettering the product or service, as well as its marketing and delivery.

First and foremost, a business starts with an idea of something the world requires and serves to fill a need. Marino Sussich, as a business consultant, has a strong understanding of the inner workings of an organisation and possesses the creativity and innovation needed to come up with the initial idea, product or service.

Here are some products that Marino has invented.

Filter Assembly

In 1989 Marino, in cooperation with Paul Sussich, invented a filter assembly which is used for filtering contaminants from liquid flowing through the chamber. The invention is for, but not limited to, the filtering of petroleum and other fuels that are used in the powering of engines, and works to filter elements such as dirt from the fuel before it reaches the combustion chambers of the engine.

This was designed to improve on existing filter assemblies and overcome the issues with them.

Endless Rope Exercise Device

This device was invented by Marino in 1994 to provide a means of exercising the arms, fingers, hands, wrists, triceps and shoulders. It is made up of a wheel and rope or cord, where the wheel applies friction in adjustable degrees of restraint to the rope.

Golfing Aid

Marino created a golfing aid in 2006, which assists the player in gaining a level approach with the golf club or putter before the ball is hit. This helps to improve the player’s swing by offering an indicator of the stroke’s orientation.