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Marino Sussich and the Importance of Good Leadership

Marino Sussich is an experienced and innovative business consultant with a range of skills and knowledge of business theories that inform his consulting methods. One such skill is his strength in leadership. 

Many of his business theories revolve around sound leadership that works to unlock the full potential of employees through respect and inspiration. 

Leadership in the business world

Leadership can take many forms, with CEOs as the top strategists of organisations and showing leadership in this way. In every position below this, however, leadership skills are valuable. 

The key qualities of a leader include empathy, the skill of delegation, communication and creativity. These skills are important as the influence of a leader resonates throughout an organisation and motivates teams with encouragement, purpose and direction. It helps to establish company culture and direction. 

Business leadership qualities include leading by example, communication skills, emotional intelligence and vision. Leading by example involves inspiring with your own actions, rather than expecting employees to give their all and without offering a lot yourself. Written and verbal communication skills are essential, where cognitive empathy and connecting with those you’re leading is important. Emotional intelligence involves awareness of self, social skills, empathy and self-regulation. 

If you feel you are struggling with applying good leadership skills to your business, there are many resources available to assist you. Contact Marino Sussich today for advice on business and business leadership from an experienced and reliable consultant.