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The overall growth of the gaming industry

All the recent surveys conducted to calculate or measure the overall growth rate of the specific gaming industry shows that the industry has been a massive growth over the last past years. They show that the global gaming sales have grown by an average annual rate of 10.7% from 2012 to 2016 which is for sure a massive increase. As a result, the revenues exceeded 85 Billion Euros which is a record in this context. Despite this colossal growth, multiple sectors are following different patterns. That means that this very market might not be as much rewarding for all as for some. This is due to various factors, for instance, some shifting demand trends.

Evolution in the gaming industry.

In the recent years, the gaming has shifted from the physical to the digital formats. In the past, like 2011 the industry was mainly focusing on the consoles and related accessories. This generated more or less 39% of sales. While the mobile games just made 15% of the total average sales in the market. While in 2015 the industry observed a whole shift outright where the gaming consoles sales graph decreased to mere 17% and the mobile games peaked with at least one-third of the net sales. This trend is conceived to continue as the smartphone users are increasing with every passing day. And this smart change has given a hard push forward to the gaming industry. In the recent surveys, the online mobile game groups have been among the most profitable ones over the last couple of years. While on the other hand the consoles like Nintendo are deemed lowest on the sale graph. This shows a rapid shift in the most recent trends where people seem more pursuant to the mobile gaming activities at the most. The Asian region is regarded as the most prominent industry hub with an estimated 38% sales generation overall.

Changing nature of the gaming industry.

As we discussed earlier that this particular industry lies among the most rewarding sectors so far. It has gone through massive transformations pursuing the changing trends of the market. This has exerted considerable pressure on the traditional video gaming industries to align with the changing consumer demands. The demand is changing for some low cost easy digital games. Also, the new entrants and online gaming groups are also among the most thriving ventures that seem more promising than the old conventional gaming trends of the past where more and more gaming surfers interact with each other making it more interesting for them. Consumers being converted to easy and cheap mobile games have given a hard shake to the traditional gaming industry.

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